About Momaxx Designs

MoMaxx Designs was created for people who don’t have a big budget for blog design, but want a solid, SEO-worthy blog that not only looks great, but performs well.

Because many people start a site and lose interest after a year, it’s not a good idea to take a second mortgage out on the house to set one up.

For a very affordable price, MoMaxx designs will get your blog or website up and running and give you some tips and tricks along the way to help you earn money from it — or we will simply inspire you to keep at it. Read more about our {rates and services here}.

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What does MoMaxx mean?

This site was the brainchild of both my son, Maxx (15) and me (much older than 15). We love creating sites together. I enjoy turning them into money-makers and he’s a tech guru and Photoshop wizard.

So, Mom + Maxx became MoMaxx Designs.

Maxx: For the past threeyears, Maxx has been creating pop music websites (see two of them {here} and {here}) and the biggest {message board} on  the Web for a major pop artist.

He is very skilled at some of the more technical aspects of website creation, including writing code. He learned web content writing with a few tips from Mom and is self-taught in one area I have no experience in: Photoshop.

Quite simply, he’s amazing and it made sense to partner with him because I know he is as dedicated to his work as I am. His goal is to start creating his own themes to sell next summer. For now, he’s busy working on his sites, helping MoMaxx Designs and maintaining high honors as he heads into 10th grade in the Fall 2013.

Mom: I am a successful web content writer, affiliate marketer, niche website creator, and most importantly, a single Mom of five who doesn’t understand the words “I can’t.”  I’ve been raising my children alone with no financial support  for 12years, so I’ve learned to be very competitive, study the online world constantly, have thick skin and keep up with constant changes.
The online world is trial and error. Perhaps you can learn from the mistakes I’ve made. I think it’s the reason I’ve done well working for myself. Little bumps in the road never make me quit. In fact, they inspire me to push forward.

Over the past six years, I’ve quietly helped people get their websites going, coached them on how to make the site profitable, and passed along tips on how to write a post that will get traffic ( = $).

Why the transition from “free help” to “I’m going to charge you to set up your site”? Time. Something everyone should recognize as valuable.

In addition, I knew we could set up sites that would help people earn money for a lot less than pricey web designers charge. I love helping people succeed, but I have to make something. The hours Maxx and I put into thoroughly setting up your blog cuts into time I could be writing posts on my own sites that earn me a nice amount of money or his time maintaining his own sites. And yes, he earns a paycheck from them and has his own bank account. He’s 15. Get inspired, people.

The {small fee we charge for a blog set up} with good SEO, a solid design and some tips on how to make it fly is well worth it. Maxx gets a hefty cut and we both take pride in helping people without robbing them blind.

If you can’t afford to start a site right now, you can read the tips on this site and try to give it a go yourself.

Check back often because there will be tips on writing good posts, making affiliate income, and what foods not to eat when you stay up late working on your site. Like the ice cream I just had. I know…that’s probably not a good late night snack. Oh, well. [:)]

I am the CEO of my own paycheck after 8 years of working for myself. I want the same success for you, but you have to try. Bottom line, I’ve worked my butt off to keep a roof over our heads.

I know what works for me and it might not always be “by the book”, but if you can take away just a few tips or ideas that help you earn more money online, then I’ve done a good job.

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Cheryl & Maxx