You Can Never Go Wrong With White

When you are decorating your bedroom you should go white. White can give you many different looks you are trying to achieve like the eclectic bedroom, minimalist, modern, and more. In addition, for a very low cost, you can have an amazing look in your bedroom. If you are looking for an eclectic look in your bedroom then you can use … Continue reading "You Can Never Go Wrong With White"

Decorating in Small Spaces

When you live in a very small area like a studio apartment it might seem impossible to decorate and make livable. You might have issues with where you are going to put all of your stuff and you also might want the look and feel of different rooms although you are living in one big room. You can achieve these … Continue reading "Decorating in Small Spaces"

About Momaxx Designs

MoMaxx Designs was created for people who don’t have a big budget for blog design, but want a solid, SEO-worthy blog that not only looks great, but performs well. Because many people start a site and lose interest after a year, it’s not a good idea to take a second mortgage out on the house … Continue reading "About Momaxx Designs"